Blended / Hybrid Learning

What are some of the classroom activities that we may want to replicate to make online learning possible?

How does Learning take place ?

A blend of classroom and e-learning presented @ IAL in 2017.

The relationship between Penang Art and Big Data.

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Using Gagne to guide the digital journey

Gagne (Gagne, R, The Conditions of Learning and Theory of Instruction. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1985) is used to structure this website and present how we may use some technological aids to make it seamless for the facilitators and the learners . As technology and security ("zoom bomb") evolves and changes, so to will the ideas presented here. 

We can approach the material synchronously  via a peer reviewed facilitated walk through, 

We can also approach the material asynchronously, 

Lets help make learning enjoyable...

Gaining Attention 

Informing Learners of the Objective 

Stimulating Recall of Prior Knowledge

Presenting the Stimulus

Providing Learner Guidance

Eliciting Performance

Providing Feedback

Assessing Performance

Enhancing Retention and Feedback

Structure with Google Classrooms

Used for IAL InnovJAM Mobile Learning Day 2018. Click on the screenshot of the Google Classroom to access the Google classroom.

Does this help formalise the material and help with some student management and material revision control?

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